Hecate, 2015, Giclée print 59cm x 84cm.
When the daughter of the goddess of grain was abducted, people starved while she grieved and searched. She searched the world over, but no-one knew where her daughter has been taken.
Exhausted and desperate, she came to Hecate’s cave and was met with warmth and comfort. Hecate knew that her father, the sun, saw everything, but that he would not answer to the grain. With her magic, Hecate pulled the sun from the sky so that they could plead for his witness. He revealed Zeus’ treachery and the forced marriage of Persephone to the death-god Hades.
Demeter feared her daughter lost, but Hecate’s role is to bring light through dark places and the two women set off for the land of the dead. Even the darkness of death knows to keep a respectful distance from the mighty Hecate’s bright-blazing brands.
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